Small, psychic, indecipherable, possibly insane


A haunting woman with a pale face, deep eyes, and a slight body. She wears a bulky leather coat, sweater, ankle length thick skirt, wool cap, leather boots, and a long scarf. Strangely enough, she leaves her hands uncovered, though they are usually in her coat pockets. Her presence is off-putting, from her seemingly chaotic demeanor and frequent vacant stares to her unnatural way of knowing people’s thoughts and and actions.

Despite all that, she has a knack for finding friends and making herself useful. Though it doesn’t jibe with casual observation, there seems to be a method to her madness. She’s made many friends in the settlement and most of her enemies are deathly afraid of her.

On the docks and makeshift walkways of the settlement, she is never seen without several layers of clothing on. She occasionally makes note of cold winds when there don’t seem to be any and shivers at any mention of the weather. The water, however, is boiling hot to her, and she swims with as little clothing as her companions will tolerate.

Finally, a young girl, Suzette, follows Pity around and calls her “Big Sister”. Pity sees to it that she is fed and treated well. She will often send Suzette on missions in exchange for “enlightenment”.


Pity says she’s from “around” and only cryptically speaks of her past. The rumor mill is that a number of small settlements banished her over the past several years. People that tried to find out the reason for her exile were met with fear and suspicion and given no clear answers, but it’s generally assumed that it was due to her unusual talents.

Astute observers will notice that her clothing and oddments are mismatched and some are better suited for far away places, so it’s likely that she’s journeyed quite a bit before arriving here.


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