Psychic Echoes

- The Storm brings bloodlust to Rodent's people.  He takes their blood.  The storm passes.  When does the cycle renew?

- He That Spreads His Truths holds many secrets, yet will not share.  Only those that follow are led to that which is hidden.  Is this just?

- Aluki prefers sustenance from the boiling cauldron to that which skitters about the cold floating mass.  Dare I brave the churning darkness below?

- From afar I see the carapaces of soldiers on machines, bringing storms of their own.  I see futures of bloodletting, yet the storms do not clear.  In their midst, a taskmaster.  Curious.

- Aluki saved me from the burning cauldron below.  I must find a way to thank her.  What is worth a life?

- The leader of the blooded incurred a debt to which the scarred one repaid.  This must be rectified.  Shall I see that it is so?

- My fledgling came into danger and I nearly lost her.  I came short in my duty as mentor.  I owe penance.

- The world within showed me a choice between less harm and certain danger, yet savior lied in both paths.  Was the easier path the correct one?  I must ponder more.

- The world within has provided enlightenment and succor.  Will that last?

- What will quell the rage of the darkness above?

- The Stormbringer, the Warlord, the Preacher, and the Seeker are together.  We are stronger as one.

- The unbridled fury of the skies above makes Horizon unsafe.  I must keep my fledgling close.

- The storm has passed, but the anger remains.  

- The warlord's tools are rage and destruction.  Can he rule without them?

Psychic Echoes

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