Curvy, smooth talking, shady, dark past


A curvy, dark haired woman. Her delicate, almost doll-like features are contrasted by what appear to be mismatched jagged cracks on the tops of both of her cheeks. Her eyes are always kept covered with a dark leather strap, further accentuating the mystery. Every move and action she takes is measured and deliberate, from walking to the slicing of meat for the day’s stew. She’s always seen dressed with her signature duster coat, dress pants, button down shirt with a bow tie, and a bowler hat. Her long hair is kept loosely tied back and out of her face, which she always makes sure is directly facing the person she’s addressing. Aside from the blindfold, the only other sign of her disability is the cane that she uses to guide her walking.

The lined coat has strategically placed metal plates underneath, as she doesn’t like being unprepared when push comes to shove. Additionally, strapped to her back is a huge Bowie knife.


Mari doesn’t like talking about her past, but it’s clear enough that she had some sort of criminal background. Possibly a ganger or thief of some sort. If asked why she named her cafe “The Drowned Rat”, she’d smile and say that it’s an homage to a former acquaintance.

The Drowned Rat is new to Horizon. Mari has made sure it’s open to everyone, but it’s a place where you leave your troubles at the door. You can get a little bit of everything there as long as it isn’t healthy.


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