23 Ski-Doo

Leader of the Hyperfreakz.


Wearing well-worn, patched surfer wetsuits of a wide variety, Twen and his crew tend to wear as little as possible, causing the sun to tan their skin to a leathery complexion with sharp, light lines crossing their wind worn faces. These outfits integrate a series of nylon straps and ropes to enable the carrying of equipment. When entering combat, the crew uses the straps to slap on additional armor, made up of layered pieces of wetsuit.

Twen’s hazel eyes shine under his mop of sun-bleached blonde hair. They’re world-worn eyes, weary and tired from years of running from his past. He’s built with a muscular build and thickly-corded muscles beneath his deeply-tanned skin.

His current wave runner, called ‘The Arrow’, is a refitted Kawasaki Ultra 310X, is a fast, responsive machine that is, at the same time, both sleek and muscular. Unfortunately, Twen’s never been able to find a decent fuel injection system, causing the engine to guzzle fuel.dscn7713.jpg


For the man who would one day come to be known as 23 Ski-Doo (sometimes called ‘Twen,’ the endless ocean has never held the terror, hopelessness, and death that it holds for so many others in the world. Instead, the immeasurable horizon holds potential.

Growing up in a small fishing village, Twen dreamed of the horizon, every day, as he grew older and stronger. One day, a gang of thugs, in motorized boats and wave runners, came to the village and demanded tribute. Twen’s mother refused and the thugs attacked. The villagers fought back, including Twen, who managed to kill the leader of the group as he was calling his group to leave upon realizing that they had been outmatched. In a rage, the rest of the group viciously attacked the flotilla, capsizing it and killing all the villagers.

Left alone and with no possession other than the leaders heavily-salvaged wave runner, he made his way to the nearest settlement he could recall, following the morning sun. Upon arrival, he was asked his name and he used the term that the gang leader had to call for retreat, ‘23 Ski-Doo’ (the watercraft had also had replacement parts from a salvaged snowmobile).

Over the years, Twen managed to accrue a gathering of loyal, dangerous men and women who found his allure appealing and his need to be on the move irresistible. Looking through salvaged magazines of swim gear, Twen was told that his favorite model was called the ‘Hyperfreak’ and he chose that name for his gang.

Unfortunately, the Hyperfreaks found themselves short on gas with only the most notorious fuel czar on the surface of the ocean to help them, Duchess Crude. With nothing else to trade, he kept them around to act as muscle when he didn’t want to dirty his own hands. The Hyperfreaks have not lost heart. They know they will ride the far waves one day soon as Twen plots his escape from the service of the Duchess.

23 Ski-Doo

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