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There's plenty of water.  You can swim ta yer hearts content; but watch out for the fishys, some a dem want to eat ya ta their hearts content.  Ain't the best fer drinkin' neither.  But there's lots of it.  Ever since the ice caps melted, the water's up to high fer what we'd want, and it makes it tough to find ground fer making farms on.  


The obvious place to go to find out more about the people around here is to look up the biographies that Doc Sue set up here:


The main place people wanna know about is Horizon.  That's the town yer in if'n yer readin' dis.  That big oil platform in the middle is The Duchess Castle, and the donut of ships around da outside is known as The Flotilla.  There's a bunch a places along the Flotilla, some of dem is kinda private, some is public.  Sometimes dey changes hands, sometimes dey owners die.  It's bad form to unhitch someone from The Flotilla unless dey asks for it and den we make sure not to leaves holes in the outer wall.  

Main Page

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